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I remember buying our first dog after we got married nine years ago… She was so cute! I thought I knew a lot about dogs back then but wow, was I wrong. I thought that somehow, dogs knew to do what you told them automatically or learned really fast with a combination or pointing and repeating commands. It’s all just repitition, right? Looking back, I’m not sure why I thought that. But I think a lot of people do….

 Although she was cute, we had some challenges! Toilet training, coming when called, listening to our commands and oh my goodness – listening around distractions?! 

With a lot of trial and error, we figured out how to have her listen some of the time… It wasn’t until a few years later that I began my journey to become a dog trainer, and I realised that I could have progressed that little dog’s training so much faster and easier if I had just known what to do. 

Now I can give you a shortcut to training your dog to listen to you on the first command, come when called with enthusiasm and avoid and fix behaviour issues. 

A well balanced dog is so important for both you and them to be happy – and training should be enjoyable for both of you. 

In only 5 minutes per day, you can see your dog change from bad habits to good habits before your eyes. There’s an easy system you can easily apply to get there and once you’re consistent with it, it all becomes easier. 

Even dog trainers can have dogs that present challenges. This is the system and techniques I use to create well mannered dogs around the world, that are a joy to live with. 

I’m sure you want to include your dog as a member of the family. But understandably, it can still be frustrating to have to live with:

  • Toileting in the house
  • Constant barking
  • Destruction of property, like your couch!
  • Running off and not coming when called
  • Jumping up on you or your guests
  • Only listening to you if you’re at home, inside, no distractions and with a treat in front of their face. Out in public? Yeah right!

I’m sure you’d rather have a dog that:

  • Obeys your command happily, the first time you say it
  • Goes to the toilet outside and holds it through the night or until let out
  • Only chews on dog toys and not your prized possessions!
  • Greets people politely and doesn’t jump up
  • Comes when called no matter what
  • Listens to your commands even around distractions

I’ve put together a program to help you achieve all that and more. It’s called the Virtual Dog School and you get access to it when you join The Dog Matters Inner Circle:

Here’s What You Get Inside The Inner Circle

What’s Inside:

  • Learn how to teach your dog to listen to you willingly and happily
  • Learn how dogs think and how best to communicate with them
  • Learn dog training skills with step by step video lessons and get your timing right
  • New videos each month to keep you on track
  • Private member’s only Facebook group with other supportive members and your trainer, Tenille

Meet Your Trainer, Tenille Williams

Tenille is an experienced trainer who works with people and their dogs on behaviour problems nearly every day.

Tenille also works with the sibling dingoes, Kupali and Lowana, each week at the local Bundaberg zoo.

Whether your dog just won’t sit or you’re experiencing a behaviour problem such as toileting in the house, jumping up, not coming when called, digging, destruction or anything else, Tenille can help you solve it with her years of experience helping people to teach their dogs effectively.

Join Now And Get The Following Features

New Monthly Videos (Value: $200 per month)

  • Your questions answered via video
  • Some videos are live – video replays available if you miss a live call
  • Ask Tenille about anything you need help with in the membership
  • If you were to hire a trainer to conduct this program one on one it would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Submit Photos, Videos and Questions

  • Filming your practice is invaluable to look back on and see yourself where you are doing well and where you need improvment
  • Share your training photos and videos in the group for feedback from other members and from your trainer
  • Fast-track your progress
  • Look back on your journey as you create memories on video
  • Get your questions answered by posting in the group

This Program Will Be A Good Fit For You If:

  • You want to increase the bond and strengthen the relationship that you have with your dog
  • You have tried other options and you’re ready to make a change to solve the issue
  • You are open to setting boundaries, saying no and using corrections with your dog if required
  • You are willing to use lots and lots of rewards with your dog and make training FUN

Real Success Stories

I came across Tenille while looking online for resources to work with my own dog. Her training tips are practical and her advice is tailored to particularcases. Even though we live in different countries,Tenille was very forthcoming with her feedback and advice via the various channels, including online chat. My dog and I have made great improvements since, and we’re glad to have Tenille on our team.

Jaime Koh


Hi Tenille… Your knowledge about dogs is just amazing… I had problems with my dog mainly outside when we went for a walk, Hazel (the dog) she just didnt care about a thing I wanted from her she was totaly ignorant just pulling on the leash I was just kind of a ballast on the end of the leash that stopped her from running away… well and her issue with other dogs, it didnt make fun at all outside with her, Hazel was just screaming like being murdered when she saw an other dog… Now we can go for walks together and its just nice… Hazel walks next to me and pays attention, even when we see other dogs 😊… we both are so much happier

Michaela Ziegler


Tenille is wonderful! Even though I have never met her in person, she has helped me immensely via her webcasts where she answered all of my questions. She also competently and patiently answers questions posed to her on her Facebook page about anything and everything related to canine behavior. She’s a true professional and a wonderful human being. Would love to meet her in person. Just one more excellent reason to visit Australia!

Janet Calico

United States

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  • 30+ video lessons inside the Virtual Dog School
  • Bonus video lessons to learn how to teach your dogs tricks in our Clicks N Tricks area
  • Access to your trainer and other members inside the member’s only Facebook Group
  • New video each month with recorded replays if you miss a live call
  • Learn how to train your dog to listen to your commands willingly, the first time

All of this for just $297 US for a whole year’s access. Click the button below to join and start straight away. 

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We’re excited to create a safe and supportive community working together to train our dogs to be the best they can be. If within 30 days of the program you don’t feel that it’s the right fit for you, simply let us know and receive a full refund