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I came across Tenille while looking online for resources to work with my own dog. Her training tips are practical and her advice is tailored to particularcases. Even though we live in different countries,Tenille was very forthcoming with her feedback and advice via the various channels, including online chat. My dog and I have made great improvements since, and we’re glad to have Tenille on our team.

Jaime Koh


Hi Tenille… Your knowledge about dogs is just amazing… I had problems with my dog mainly outside when we went for a walk, Hazel (the dog) she just didnt care about a thing I wanted from her she was totaly ignorant just pulling on the leash I was just kind of a ballast on the end of the leash that stopped her from running away… well and her issue with other dogs, it didnt make fun at all outside with her, Hazel was just screaming like being murdered when she saw an other dog… Now we can go for walks together and its just nice… Hazel walks next to me and pays attention, even when we see other dogs 😊… we both are so much happier

Michaela Ziegler


Tenille is wonderful! Even though I have never met her in person, she has helped me immensely via her webcasts where she answered all of my questions. She also competently and patiently answers questions posed to her on her Facebook page about anything and everything related to canine behavior. She’s a true professional and a wonderful human being. Would love to meet her in person. Just one more excellent reason to visit Australia!

Janet Calico

United States

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